Surroundings: Olbia and its territory


The Gulf of Olbia overlooks the north-eastern coast of Sardinia and owns its name to the city of Olbia, that has Roman origins. The shape of the Gulf reminds of a fjord. The area extends from Capo Figari up to Capo Ceraso and it includes some of the most well-known tourist destinations of the whole Island. Thanks to long beaches of fine sand, water with many shades of colours and a flourished Mediterranean scrub, this location became a tourist destination for nature, beach and sport lovers, who consider this side of the island the best place to spend their holiday while enjoying the typical Sardinian hospitality.

Among the most fascinating beaches of the Gulf of Olbia we must mention the following: Porto Taverna with its spacious beach of fine sand, its shallow water and fascinating pond that make this place one of the most interesting of the region for its endemic fauna; Costa Dorata with its long beach of golden sand and water with colours between light blue and emerald; the beach of Marina Maria, that belongs to the district of Murta Maria, known for the numerous seashells of different sizes and shapes that can be found on the beach but can’t be taken away because protected by regional law.

Besides discovering the natural beauties of the region, this area offers many other activities and itineraries: walking along the shopping streets in Costa Smeralda, that can be easily reached in few minutes by car, tasting delicious fish specialities in wonderful places like Porto Rotondo, visiting sites of cultural and historical interests that surround Olbia and that can be found in the area that goes from the city centre to the renewed tourist harbour.


San Paolo Apostolo Church - Olbia


The church with a fascinating dome that stands out from the city

The church of San Paolo Apostolo can be found in the city centre of Olbia and was built during the Middle Age on top of the remains of a pagan temple. The building has a main rectangular area with three chapels that gives the church the shape of a cross. The dome was built during 1963 and decorated with colourful majolica that form a mosaic, which allows visitors to recognize and reach the church even from long distances. Among the many remains that are kept inside the church it is possible to admire some silver artefacts, such as a halo, and sandals dated back to 1600.

600m | 8 minutes on foot


San Simplicio


The romantic and fascinating cathedral of the protector of Olbia

The minor basilica of Saint Simplicio, consecrated to the Protector of Olbia, is located in the heart of the city, only few steps from Corso Umberto I. It was built between the end of XI and the beginning of XII century and represents the main religious monument of Gallura thanks to the recent archaeological digs that brought back to the surface an ancient necropolis. The basilica was built and decorated following the Romanesque style. It is made of a three-sided façade, the inside has been decorated with granite slabs and some faded frescoes, that represent the Saint, can still be admired. The remains of the Saint, that were discovered during archaeological digs in the crypt, are still kept under the altar.

1,2km | 4 minutes by car


Tavolara Island


What is said to be the smallest Reign of the world

Tavolara is an impressive granite and limestone mountain that raises from the sea. It’s made of impassable rocks and covered with junipers. Here live wild goats, birds and small mammals. The history of Tavolara is related to the King Charles Albert of Savoy, who, according to the legend, reached the island looking for the goat with golden teeth. He nominated the only inhabitant of the island king and keeper of Tavolara. Today the heirs of the “king” are still living on the island. Together with its Marine Park, Tavolara creates a wonderful scenery, ideal for scuba-dive enthusiasts.

14km | 5 minutes by boat from Porto San Paolo


Porto Rotondo - Costa Smeralda


A colourful and picturesque village, among bridges and modern pieces of art

Porto Rotondo is one of the most well-known and trendy districts of Olbia, chosen as summer residence from stars and sail enthusiasts for its small wonderful bays and the exclusive clubs. The architecture of the village, with its bridges of wood, reminds vaguely of Venice. Here the Counts Donà dalle Rose were born and for this reason they decided to choose Porto Rotondo as a tourist port, which became a safe dock for hundreds of luxurious boats. This location was embellished with the church designed by the artists Cascella e Ceroli.

15km | 20 minutes by car


Porto Cervo


A small town and the luxurious holiday destination par excellence

Porto Cervo, a small town that belongs to the district of Arzachena, is considered to be the “capital” city of Costa Smeralda. Its name is famous all over the world for the turquoise water, the fascinating little squares and the typical architecture with sinuous shapes that reminds of ancient theatres. This pearl of the sea owes its splendour and development to the Ismaili Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, who made of this little town the ideal holiday destination for VIPs, famous families and members of the international jet set, who come every summer to enjoy the most exclusive night clubs of the area.

28km | 33 minutes by car


Baja Sardinia


A small jewel where you can spend a cheerful day, a starting point for discovering the surrounding area

Baja Sardinia is fan-shaped and adorned by wind-polished rocks of many shapes. Since the Fifties the turquoise water and the long sandy coastline have made this location one of the most popular destinations for anyone who loves Sardinia and enjoys a holiday full of activities. In this area it is possible to scuba-dive and windsurf, go hiking and discover the old military building, visit the surrounding archipelagos by setting sail from one of the small ports and lastly, spend some pleasant evenings in a restaurant by the sea or have fun in one of the popular clubs.

32km | 35 minutes by car