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Olbia travel guide

Olbia, together with Tempio Pausania, is Gallura’s provincial capital. It’s the fourth commune of Sardinia as to inhabitants, resulting also the town that in the last ten years had the main population increase of the region. It became the first port as to passengers’ traffic in Italy and reference point for the main navigation companies, like Moby Lines, Tirrenia and Grandi Navi Veloci.

With the passage of time, thanks to its strategic and safe position, it became one of the main landing places for cruisers.

The town of Olbia is normally put close to Costa Smeralda, in fact it has always represented the main gate to access to the resort which is synonym of exclusive holiday and golden shelter of VIPs from all around the world.


Wine and food


Gallura has also a valuable tradition of wine and food culture. Inside the “stazzi” (farmers’ houses typical of Gallura) in fact are born the original receipts based on poor products (like most of Sardinian typical products) but with marked tastes, due to the correct mix of genuine ingredients coming from the neighbouring lands.

Being a seaside town, Olbia is rich of fish and shellfish specialities.

Thanks to its climatic characteristics and its soil, the territory is suitable for cultivation of different quality and types of grapes, so you can taste some of the most successfully wine products at international level from the recent Italian oenology.